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Season Rentals

Season rentals are good for use for the entire season and are to be kept and maintained by the renter for the duration of the season. 

You can arrange to pick up your rentals in advance of the season by contacting us at or you can pick them up on your first day to the mountain!

**  All season rentals need to be returned by 4/15/24 or a $25/per set late fee will apply.


Item Price
  Season Ski Package (Skis/Boots/Poles) $159.00
  Season Snowboard Package (Board & Boots) $159.00
  Season Ski Package - Age 6 & Under (Skis & Boots) $99.00
  Season Snowboard Package - Age 6 & Under (Board & Boots) $99.00
  Season Skis $99.00
  Season Snowboard $99.00
  Season Ski Boots $99.00
  Season Snowboard Boots $99.00
  Season Poles $39.00
  Season Helmet $39.00

Terms & Conditions

Season Rentals are non-refundable and are not redeemable for any unused portion.

All rates are subject to change at anytime without notice.